How our exhibitions work

LOOSEgroup artists’ exhibitions offer artists, at any stage of their career, an accessible and open platform to exhibit as part of a professional and curated group show.

The cost to hire commercial gallery space in the capital (and further afield) can be extremely prescriptive to individual artists, and the reality is that for many, affordable opportunities to exhibit are few and far between. Also, many exhibiting opportunities are all too often in large shows, which display an array of unrelated or stylistically different work, cheek by jowl.

While we don’t believe this is wrong by any stretch, LOOSEgroup artists set out to do things differently. We feel strongly that exhibitions should have a narrative – and art and artists, should be able to take gallery-goers on a journey – something we feel is made difficult by shows packed to the rafters with unrelated work.

LOOSEgroup artists curate all of our shows, using a contemporary theme to draw the work together coherently. We are committed offering individual artists’ work breathing space, and prefer the exhibiting of a number of pieces that work together. Even the graphic identity created for each show, is an individual piece of art that we commission explicitly for each show in response to the theme.

Our shows are funded collectively by the exhibiting artists within each exhibition, which is a practical harnessing of  collective resources to offset the cost of exhibiting in a physical gallery. In return for this investment, exhibiting artists can expect a professional, curated, and promoted show, in a well respected gallery space.

LOOSEgroup artists manage the entire process from start to finish, curate and produce the exhibition.

What LOOSEgroup artists’ shows offer:

LOOSEgroup artists will only exhibit in professional and well respected galleries, with an acceptable level of footfall.

We will always ensure each artist has a generous amount of space to suit their needs, whilst ensuring a fair balance between all exhibiting artists.

If possible, artists are encouraged to exhibit small bodies of work in our shows, rather than stand-alone pieces, which we feel then reflects a greater breadth of their artist’s work. However, standalone pieces are equally acceptable provided they relate to the theme.

Our shows are fully curated but we can also offer artists the opportunity to assist with curation (by arrangement) to ensure all participants get the most out of the process

LOOSEgroup artists promote each show professionally to a wide network of arts press and listings, to ensuring maximum exposure for each artist that is part of the show.

Graphic design and branding
All of LOOSEgroup artists’ shows are professionally branded by a guest graphic designer, to give each show a distinct identity. As mentioned previously, the graphic designer is encouraged to conceive the visual identity of the show as a piece of art. LOOSEgroup design and print all promotional material, including exhibition catalogues, posters and invitations as necessary.

Private view
LOOSEgroup artists organise the late-night private view for press, agents, artists and invited guests per show. All refreshments, staffing and catering are organised by LOOSEgroup artists and included as part of the fee.

Given our shows are funded via the fee paid by each artist, we do not take any further commission on the sale of artists’ work during the show (other than a small transaction fee if using our payment devices) . The rate of commission is typically 25-35% in many galleries, online galleries and art fairs, and this is a significant advantage of exhibiting in one of our shows.

Artist Promotion
All artists exhibiting with us are encouraged to think commercially and artists are welcome to sell prints, postcards and other saleable material during the show. Artists are also encouraged to be present at the Private View and where possible during the show, to engage with visitors.


LOOSEgroup welcomes prospective applications from artists at any stage of their career – or those who have perhaps followed another path and want to begin practicing again. We have a rolling programme of exhibitions throughout the year, and artists can submit to one or multiple exhibitions. If your submission is unsuccessful for one show, this does not bar application to another show.

You can apply using the form below or by emailing a short portfolio, introduction and description of your practice to hello[AT]