Curator’s tour: ‘Are You Human’, Cob Gallery, Camden, August 2014

August 2014 saw the opening of LOOSEgroup artists biggest show to date, held at the Cob Gallery, Camden. Titled ‘Are you Human’- explored the multi facets of the human condition including life, death, fragility, emotional strength and what we actually mean when we call ourselves ‘human’.

The show featured work from 11 artists including Danish artist Thomas Lindvig in a rare London appearance, explored the eternal connection between mother and child in th show’s centrepiece installation. While Chetan Rama’s intimate photographic portrait of the birth of the artist’s own child explored the beginning of this same bond.

Kat Hayes‘ exploration of lost romanticism chimed with painter and illustrator Jamie Chapman‘s examination of extinct human rituals in delicate paintings. Outsider artist Laura Ansell investigated the over-simplification of complex emotions in the modern world in bronze etchings, whilst artist Kimberley Bevan laid bare the real and complex emotional connections between family member and friends, in a series of paintings. Artist Wayne Keown then set about plumbing the depths of rage and emotional pain in a series of mixed media prints and small-scale installations.

Printmaker Emma Jane Whitton contrasted human form with built context in a series of contrasting imagery, whilst sculptor Emily Watkins explored our biological nature in rough-hewn steel lattices and structures.

Caroline Preston‘s delicate origami pieces explored human spirituality whilst Pam Sinclair‘s lone ‘foot’ sculpture brought the show to a close, examining the resonant humanity of our component parts.

Are you Human Picture Gallery

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